Assisting Start-ups and Fast-Growth Organizations To Cross The Chasm

Implementing IT/OPS

Passion & Dedication

About Mangopudding

With over 20 years experience as an information technology manager for start-ups and fast-growth high-tech organizations - my passion and dedication is focused on leading and supporting individuals and teams in your organization to cross the chasm to success in the following core service delivery disciplines:

Implementing IT/Ops

Defining and delivering technology infrastructure that can scale horizontally and vertically to support your business objectives.

Monitoring Web/Ops

Proactively monitor and report on metrics from both your application and infrastructure to manage growth and popularity. 

Motivating Team/Ops

Increasing communication, collaboration and transparency between business and technology teams in your organization. 

Supporting Dev/Ops

Continuous alignment of Team/Ops with a focus on defined processes and tools to deliver high quality solutions.

Enhancing Process/Ops

Define, document, align and educate processes and procedures, policies, roles, responsibilities, best practices and standards. 

Verifying Security/Ops

Validating corporate digital assets are managed in a framework of identified, protected, detected, responding and recover. 


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